About Us

Catoma was created in 1993 to serve the brave firefighters on the front lines of wildland forest fires in the American West. Over the last two decades, we’ve grown to become a leading provider of rugged gear for the United States Armed Forces as well as those firefighters who gave us our start. Our success in those extreme environments has led us to this moment. The new logo you see here is more than a cosmetic change. We believe it better reflects our unique warrior heritage, communicates our evolution as a builder of rugged products, and sets a direction for the future of our endeavors. We’re updating our best products, introducing new ones, and re-engineering the customer experience to reflect our philosophy of providing you with the gear you NEED. This page will soon become our new home on the Web. Check back to see what our future is going to look like.

To visit our old websites go to www.catomaoutdoor.com or mmitactical.com