Celestial Views in Nature

Front row tickets to the celestial show

Burned out by the daily rut of work, yearning for something to break the monotony of the work/life balance? For those of you out there looking for an excuse to hit the road and get out into the forest, here’s your chance.

What Is It?

Thursday, October 19th is an important date for stargazers and celestial photographers. On this day in October, the Moon will be in a New Moon phase, meaning the Moon will not make an appearance in the night sky. The Moon will rise and set with the sun during daylight hours.

What’s That Mean?

With the absence of light pollution from the moon, the night sky will be at its darkest, making for ideal conditions to view celestial objects in the sky. These are the times when photographers take advantage of a dark sky to capture images like the one pictured on the left as seen in Colorado.

What’s the Best Way to View?

To see for yourself how powerful this can be, we recommend distancing yourself from any light sources like those of a city and spend the night at a state park or campground that will allow for light-free viewing. There is nothing like experiencing a clear night sky from a campsite. Make this night your chance to take a break from your busy schedule and reset your clock with nature – studies show you’ll be glad you did.  Make some plans October 19th to pack your bag and spend a night in nature to get a front row seat.


  • Take along a headlamp with a red light feature. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you can turn the red light on for navigation or camera adjustments without blinding your night vision and starting the process of adjustment all over again.
  • Download an app like SkyView or Night Sky to show you where constellations and planets are in the night sky. Some apps show the trajectory of planets through the night sky, while others offer detailed animations of planets and constellations.
  • As the dew begins to fall, a Catoma Gopher Tarp can be invaluable for keeping camera and camping gear dry and easily accessible.
 Credit: Jesse Romano Catoma Prostaffer| Anywhere Colorado, U.S.A.  // Wolverine Rainfly Kit
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