Switchblade Modular Pack System

Systems Overview

Kits are for individuals; Systems are for teams. Kits are contained in each of the Systems currently in the Switchblade Modular Pack System. Please contact us by clicking here if you need assistance with ordering systems.

Kits Overview

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Everyone gets a Frameset. Everyone gets a pack body for personal sustainment gear. Layered in between those components can be a variety of carriage solutions for the jobs heavy weapons teams are asked to do.

Component Overview

Every component must be equally well thought out. That was our mission at the onset of this project, and we are proud to present this suite to you successfully. Shop Here

Switchblade® Sniper Weapon Pack Kit

Switchblade® Mortar Ammo Bearer Pack Kit

Switchblade® Utility Pack Kit

Switchblade® Raid Pack Kit

Switchblade® Carl Gustaf AG Pack Kit

Switchblade® Mortar Assistant Gunner Pack Kit

Switchblade® Mortar Gunner Pack Kit

Switchblade® Molle Panel Kit

Switchblade® M240 Assistant Gunner Pack Kit

Switchblade® Carl Gustaf Gunner Kit

Switchblade® M240 Ammo Bearer Pack Kit

Switchblade® M240 Gunner Pack Kit

Switchblade® Assault Pack Kit

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